English 1B                           Deborah Pollack                          MWF 11:30-12:20

Fall 2008                                                                                          


Voice Mail:    654-6400, ext. 3272                 LRC-309 Office Hours:  

E-mail:            DPollack@vcccd.edu               M, 8:30-9:20, Tu/Th 11:30-1:30


Required Text:                    The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature,

                                                8th Edition, Michael Meyer

                                                The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien                                        

Recommended:                  Recent college-level dictionary


Student Learning Outcomes:  1) Students will learn to apply critical thinking skills, both orally and in writing, to analyze literary works.  2) Students will write organized, cohesive persuasive arguments that employ relevant details and avoid logical fallacies.


Prerequisite:                        English 1A with a grade of C or better.  IF YOU DID NOT PASS THE PREREQUISITE COURSE, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THIS CLASS BY THE SECOND WEEK OF THE SESSION.



                        --Two essays                                                                         200 points

                        --Researched essay                                                             200

--In-class writing portfolio                                                     100

--Midterm exam                                                                     100

--Final exam                                                                           100

--Quizzes                                                                                100

                        --Attendance & participation                                                100

                                                                                                TOTAL          900 points


Essays:                                 You will be writing two formal essays of three to four pages each, a research essay of four to five pages, and assembling a carefully revised portfolio of your best in-class writing. 


Format:                                   All papers are to be typed in standard manuscript form:  double spaced with 1” margins and a 12 point font.


Due Dates:                            All assignments are due at the beginning of class.  If you must miss class the day a paper is due, put it in my box in the Administration Building or on the third floor of the LRC before class.

                                                I will only accept an emailed paper if you are unable to attend class the day it is due—even then, you must send it before class begins to receive full credit.  If you send me an email and/or a paper via the internet, I will respond to you.  If you don’t receive a response from me, you haven’t reached my email address.  Check the address and resend.

English 1B Syllabus



Late Papers:                        An assignment turned in after the time it was due will be marked down one grade.  No paper will be accepted more than one week past the due date.


Reading Assignments:     Completing the assigned reading is crucial to your success in this class and you will be given quizzes worth points on many of the readings.  Students doing less than half of the required reading will have their final grade lowered by one level.


Attendance:                         Group writing and discussions take place in class and cannot be made up outside of class, so attendance is crucial.  Excessive absences (6 for this class) will result in a failing grade despite academic performance.  Two tardies or early departures equal one absence.

It is essential that you find other students in the class with whom to exchange phone numbers.  If you miss class, you can find out what went on; if you are ill, you can have a classmate turn in your assignment.


Plagiarism and Cheating:            Academic honesty is expected.  Students engaging in dishonest behavior will receive on F on the assignment and may be dismissed from the class. 


Dropping the Class:          September 12 is the last day to drop this class with no entry (no “W”) on your transcript.  November 21 is the deadline for dropping the class with a “W.” 


If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please speak to me as soon as possible,

but in no case later than the second week of class.
















English 1B, Fall ‘08                                                               Deborah Pollack




Weeks 1 & 2                          Introduction to short fiction


Weeks 3 & 4                          Introduction to drama

No class 9/1


Weeks 5 & 6                          Introduction to poetry

                                                Essay #1 due end of week 5


Week 7                                   Theme:  The Natural & Unnatural


Week 8                                   Theme:  1984 & More                                                         


Weeks 9 & 10                       Theme:  Work & Play

                                                Essay #2 due beginning of week 9

                                                Midterm exam in the computer lab end of week 9

                                                VC Library Tour week 10


Week 11                                Theme:  Home & Family


Week 12                                Theme:  Culture & Identity                                   


Weeks 13 & 14                     Theme:  Love & its Complications

                                                Research essay due end of week 14


Week 15, 16 & 17                 Theme:  The Things They Carried & Other Wars

No class 11/28                      Portfolio of in-class writing due end of week 15


Final exam in the computer lab Friday 12/12, 10-12


This is a tentative schedule and will be modified as necessary.






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I have read, understood, and accepted the terms of this syllabus for Deborah Pollack’s English 1B class.


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