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This class is intended as a non-majorsí introduction to biology lab,

It fills the UC/CSU general-ed requirement for life sciences lab and accompanies the lecture coures, BIOL V1.



You should come each week having read the assigned exercise. The quiz may be on the reading for the lab and given at the very beginning of class.If you are a little late you will not be able to make up the points because there are no make up or late quizzes, so be certain to be prompt and prepared. Quizzes may also review work or come at the end of class and cover that dayís work.


Work sheets from the text must be used and turned in.It is not acceptable to do the work on your own paper instead.You will not get credit.If you are using a used book that doesnít have clean worksheet pages or have forgotten your book you may photocopy the worksheet pages from another book before class.Come prepared.




Recognize and enumerate differences between living from non-living things


Analyze cellular process in a laboratory setting


Catalog the major groups of living things from a mixture of life forms


Propose problems using an "inquiry-based"scienctific method


Identifyphysiological and morphological solutions in living things


Catalog relationships between living things and their physical and chemical environment


Use genetic analysis methods to solve problems


Evaluate evolutionary facts utilizing the theory of evolution


Construct and test hypotheses

Conduct predictive anlayses

Instruments of the lab and safety requirements

Characteristics of domains, kingdoms of organisms with independent student identifications

Biochemical compositional analysis by students

Biophysical process analysis by students

Two variable analysis of enzymes after hypothesis by students

Photosynthesis analyzed by two variables by students

Cellular respiration analyzed by two variable by students

Transpiration after predictive hypothesis by students

Circulatory principles examined by students in a clinic-like setting

Mitosis and meiosis with evaluations as problems analyzed by students

Monohybrid and dihybrid crosses with predictive analysis by students

Biotechnological separation of DNA including predictive RFLP

Ecological principles, tested by multivariable analysis


Core competencies:

Read, retain, and apply published ideas

Employ vocabulary of the subject studied

Find and interpret relevant information

Utilize data to draw conclusions or to create new information

Apply principles of scientific reasoning to solve problems

Use language as appropriate to the situation


Learning Outcomes

1.      Use scientific instruments effectively.

2.      Use the scientific method to conduct experiments.

3.      Identify the relationships among chemicals, cells, and organisms.




Text: Symbiosis, Prentice Hall custom lab program. You must have the book.

You also need a simple calculator (not part of a phone) and some colored pencils are nice.



Grading: Points in this class will be earned by participation, lab reports, and quizzes. Each week is worth a total of ten points. Points are written on your returned report each week.At the end of the semester I take your best 15 scores and calculate the grade out of 150 total. If you miss more than two labs, you will fail Bio V01L or possibly be dropped.


Tardiness is cause for loss of points, likewise you may be penalized for leaving before I have dismissed lab.Avoid leaving until I have either announced it is time for everyone to go or I have signed your lab indicating you may leave early as there may be addition work yet to be assigned. Do not leave until you have cleaned your personal work area and identified and cleaned one communal class area needing attention.


If you have an unavoidable absence I will accept documented participation (with completed lab report) in and other instructorís Biology 1 lab the same week, but you must make all the arrangements. Other instructors are not obligated to accept you in their class; some sections are very crowded. You may not get ten points, for example if the instructor doesnít give a quiz, you canít make up those points.


Service Learning Extra Credit


You may participate in a service learning (community service) project with an environmental focus to earn civil engagement extra credit points.You must put in 10 hours of service, keep a record of your time and of the supervisor/contact person from the group.Turn in the log oftime/ work and contact information.You will also bring in to class a mini-poster about your experience on the project.This poster needs to be in by the beginning of the last class so your classmates can enjoy it. (Important note: It will not be accepted if you are late to class that day.)†† It should have text and graphics, may be hand-drawn or on the computer, use photographs or downloads. You may let your creativity go wild or whip something out in 10 minutes to receive credit, just so it communicates to me and you classmates what you did.

I can help you identify community partners who are willing to place volunteers or you can choose a project independently. Be sure to check with me for suitability so you arenít disappointed by doing a project and then finding out it doesnít qualify for credit. The work must be unpaid.The community partner must not be a for-profit company.The purpose of the work should be environmental. The project should have a hands-on character that will provide learning opportunities for you.

Ventura environmental studies students have created a You Tube site to help students find service learning projects. Look atelzbetvc on youtube.

The project earns a maximum of 10 points extra credit.

Pre- health sciences majors: If you wish to do a public heath/ medicine related service learning project instead see me.





Grade worksheet

Record your grades each week when you get back your lab work. Keep your returned work until your semester grade shows up on the college web site or other record.

Week=††††††††††† PointsWeek=††††††††††† PointsWeek=††††††††††† PointsWeek=††††††††††† PointsWeek =Points

1=††††††††††††††††††† 5=††††††††††††††††††† 9=††††††††††††††††††† 13=††††††††††††††††† extra credit?=

2=††††††††††††††††††† 6=††††††††††††††††††† 10=††††††††††††††††† 14=†††††††††††††††††

3=††††††††††††††††††† 7=††††††††††††††††††† 11=††††††††††††††††† 15=††††††††††††††††† alternate

4=††††††††††††††††††† 8=††††††††††††††††††† 12=††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††† credit? Maybe?=

Take the total of your best 15 grades _______.The % of 150 is your grade.

90%=A, 80%=B, 70%=C, 60%=D







5. Stick together and help each other!We are here to work hard, have fun and learn.




. Cell phones/pagers/MP3 players should be turned off and out of sight during class unless you make arrangements with me. It is not OK is answer phones during class unless you have registered with me as an emergency caregiver or professional.The visible presence of a cell phone during a quiz may be considered grounds for failing and disciplinary action. You will need a basic calculator for math problems, cell phones lack enough significant digits for some of the work we will be doing. (Besides think of the mess youíll be in if I put a problem on the quiz!)

Academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) is forbidden & will not be tolerated in this class. That means both copying during quizzes and failing to contribute to your collaboration with your lab partner during shared lab reports. See Course Catalogue for more info about disciplinary recourse and the consequences to your permanent academic record.

No food or drink in the class room. Thatís not our rule- but we have to enforce it. So please help out by not bringing food or drink to class for us to take away.



1.    Emergency: Dial #9 from any campus pay phone.

2.    on campus phones: 9-911

3.    School nurse: x6346 on duty during the day. When the Student Health center is closed called 642-7000. First Aid is available from Campus Police then. All student injuries should be reported to Student Health and a written report filed for insurance purposes.Forms are available from the Student Health Center, Campus Police or Evening Dean.

4.    Campus security: off campus (cell phones) 642-7000

5.    Campus police non-emergency number x6486

Students with disabilities, whether physical, learning, or psychological, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact ACCESS as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.  Authorization, based on verification of disability, is required before any accommodation can be made. The phone number for ACCESS is 378-1461 and they are located in the building just to the right of the Campus Center.  




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