gwendolyn alley, ventura

jelena andjelkovic, sitka

laynie browne, berkeley

lee ann brown, nyc

antoinette nora claypoole, ashland

liz collins, big sur

linda lee crosfield, ootischenia, bc

danika dinsmore, vancouver, bc

amber fearn, new england

e. fix, seattle.

erica gehrke, vancouver, bc

jen hofer, los angeles

christopher j. jarmick, seattle

amalio madueno, taos

bernadette mayer, nyc

tod mccoy, vancouver, bc

denise c. michaels, kirkland wa:

kevin mooneyham, eugene

paul nelson, slaughter, wa

andrew noble, vienna

dawn-marie oliver, duvall, wa

lincoln simoni, pontiac, mi

tina schumann, seattle

marie warsch, ny


between sleeps:

 the 3:15 experiment 1993-2005

(en theos press 2006)


book release readings

& signings

co-editors danika dinsmore & gwendolyn alley

& contributors antoinette nora claypoole,

liz collins, jen hofer, amalio madueno,

tod mccoy, paul nelson, dawn-marie oliver


table of contents

sample poems

bernadette mayer, jen hofer, danika dinsmore



Th 4/20 10a amalio, gwendolyn

Moorpark College Forum


Th 4/20 730p 9 3:15 poets

Zoey’s Café, Ventura


Su 4/23 315p 8 3:15 poets

Artists Union Gallery, Ventura


Mo 4/24 9p jen, danika, g, dawn

Green, Culver City


Tu 4/25 9p danika, dawn-m, g

the underground, Ventura 9p


We 4/26 730p danika, gwen’lyn

The Ugly Mug, Orange


workshops w/danika & amalio




Sa. 4/23 930am & 1:30pm

Bell Arts Factory, Ventura


panel w/315 poets facilitated by paul



Su. 4/23 5pm

Bell Arts Factory, Ventura