3:15 FIESTA APRIL 20-26,  2006











readings, workshops, & a panel

4/20     Moorpark College Forum, 10am

4/20     Barnes & Noble, Westlake, 1pm

4/20     Zoey’s Café, Ventura, 7:30pm

            4/21     TBA

4/22     Bell Arts Factory, Ventura

            9:30     “experiments in form” w/dinsmore

1:30     “the imaginative horizon” w/madueno

            5pm     panel on experimental poetry


4/23     Artists Union Gallery, Ventura, 3:15pm

4/24     Barnes & Noble, Westlake, 7pm

4/24     greeneverymonday, Culver, 9pm

4/25     the underground, Ventura, 9pm

4/26     The Ugly Mug, Orange, 8pm





This event is supported in part

by Poets & Writers, Inc.

& the City of Ventura

Cultural Affairs Division.



* gwendolyn alley, ventura

jelena andjelkovic, sitka

laynie browne, berkeley

lee ann brown, nyc

* antoinette nora claypoole, ashland

* liz collins, big sur

linda lee crosfield, ootischenia, bc

* danika dinsmore, vancouver, bc

amber fearn, new england

e. fix, seattle.

erica gehrke, vancouver, bc

* jen hofer, los angeles

christopher j. jarmick, seattle

* amalio madueno, taos

bernadette mayer, nyc

* tod mccoy, vancouver, bc

denise c. michaels, kirkland wa:

kevin mooneyham, eugene

* paul nelson, slaughter, wa

andrew noble, vienna

* dawn-marie oliver, duvall, wa

lincoln simoni, pontiac, mi

tina schumann, seattle

marie warsch, ny

* appearing at the 3:15 Fiesta