FileZilla Instructions

for End-Users on the Ventura College Academic Server

    Click on the link for FileZilla on
  2. Click Download in the left area of the page.
  3. The download should begin in 3 seconds. If not click one of the available mirrors found lower on the page. Scroll to find a geographical location that's close. Click the file icon in the right column to begin download.
  4. Save the file to your hard drive.
    Double-click the setup executable to start the installation.
  6. Use all the default install options. Click Next through all the screens ending with the Install button.
  7. Click Install to finish the installation.
  8. Start FileZilla by double-clicking the icon on the desktop or using the Programs menu.
    In FileZilla, go to the File menu -> Site Manager.
  10. Click New Site.
  11. Select New FTP Site and click the Rename button. Give the new entry a new name.
  12. Have your Account Settings available as provided via email when your account was setup.
  13. In the Host field, enter the Server as provided in Account Settings.
  14. Change Logon Type to Normal.
  15. In the User field, enter the Username from Account Settings.
  16. In the Password, enter the Password from Account Settings.
  17. If you would prefer to enter the password each time for security, select Don't Save Password.
  18. Click Advanced button.
  19. In the Default Remote field, enter the remote path information from Account Settings. Click OK.
  20. Click Save and Exit.
  21. CONNECT.
    To Connect, go back to Site Manager. Select your new site. Click Connect button. (Optionally, from the main window, click upside-down triangle next to the Site Manager icon. Select the site.)
  22. The software will connect to the server and into your account. If not, check the site settings again. If the username/password is in error, contact the administrator.
  23. USE.
    Files on your hard drive shown in the left column. Files on the server are in the right column.
  24. Files and folders are uploaded by drag-dropping into the right column.
  25. Items are deleted by selecting them and using the right-click context menu. (optionally, you can use the Delete key).
  26. Sub-folders are created using the right-click context menu.

Original document: August 30, 2005 (VK)
Last update: September 7, 2005 (updated the download instructions to use Softpedia, VK)