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Michael Bowen's VC Course Pages

Michael Bowen's VC Course Pages


Colleges and Universities

As a courtesy to students taking physics or mathematics in preparation for study in related fields, the following list includes links to selected university and college home pages, as well as links to their physics, engineering or computer science, mathematics, astronomy, geology or earth sciences, and chemistry departments. (If a department is missing from a list, then either the department does not have a Web page, or the university/college does not have such a department.)

Please email the author of this page if you find an interesting site that you think should be added to the list.

Quick links to categories listed on this page

University of California  ::  California State University  ::  Miscellaneous

University of California   (Systemwide home page)

UC Berkeley (Cal):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Astronomy  ::  Geology  ::  Chemistry
UC Davis (UCD):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Geology  ::  Chemistry
UC Irvine (UCI):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Astronomy  ::  Earth System Science  ::  Chemistry
UC Los Angeles (UCLA):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Astronomy  ::  Earth, Planetary, Space Sciences  ::  Chemistry
UC Merced:
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Applied Mathematics  ::  Earth Systems Science  ::  Chemical Sciences
UC Riverside (UCR):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Earth Sciences  ::  Chemistry
UC San Diego (UCSD):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Earth Sciences  ::  Chemistry
UC Santa Barbara (UCSB):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Geology  ::  Chemistry
UC Santa Cruz (UCSC):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Astronomy and Astrophysics  ::  Earth Sciences  ::  Chemistry

California State University   (Systemwide home page)

Cal Poly Pomona:
Physics and Astronomy  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics and Statistics  ::  Geological Sciences  ::  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo:
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Chemistry
CSU Bakersfield (CSUB):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Geology  ::  Chemistry  ::  Computer Science
CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI):
Mathematics  ::  Computer Science
CSU Fresno (CSUF):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Earth & Environmental Sciences  ::  Chemistry
CSU Northridge (CSUN):
Physics  ::  Engineering  ::  Mathematics  ::  Astronomy  ::  Geological Sciences  ::  Chemistry
Other campuses coming soon!


Other Links Pages:
General Science  ::  Free Software  ::  VCCCD

Michael Bowen's VC Course Pages: Links, Colleges and Universities

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