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The official repository/archive for student learning outcome (SLO) data is the TracDat system. Unfortunately, faculty access to TracDat is ordinarily limited to department chairs only. To make SLO data for VC mathematics courses more easily accessible to instructors, the TracDat data have been replicated below. However, because it is not the official SLO repository, the information on this page may be outdated; to give an indication of the data's "freshness," the date of the most recent update for each course is also shown below. If it is vital for your SLO data to be current (in particular, if the information for your course was updated more than a year or so ago), please contact the mathematics department chair (Alex Kolesnik) or the lead instructor for your course. If you discover that the data provided on this page are out of date, please provide updated information to the Webmaster so that other instructors may benefit.

If a similar phrase is not already incorporated in the wording of each outcome, it is implied that the stated wording of each SLO includes the prefatory phrase

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to…

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Learning Outcomes (courses listed in numerical order)

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