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Jeri Lupton
Early Childhood / Teacher Ed / Home Economics Department Chair
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Fashion Design and Merchandising

Required Courses:
- ART V11A Color and Design: Two-Dimensional Design
(3 units)
- FDM V10 Introduction to Fashion
(3 units)
- FDM V17/ ARTV17 Creating the Fashion Image:Fashion Promotion
(3 units)
- HEC V15 Textiles
(3 units)
- HEC V18 Fashion Analysis (Fashion Selection)
(3 units)
- HEC V89A Applied Fabric Design for Garments and Decor
(3 units)


Required Additional Courses:
Select one (1) of the following courses:
- HEC V12A-V12B Clothing Construction I or II
(3-2 units)
- HEC V13A Advanced Sewing Techniques
(2 units)
- HEC V13B Tailoring
(2 units)
- HEC V17 Knits
(2 units)
Required Additional Courses for Option:
Select one (1) of the following options and complete all courses listed
Design Option:
- ART V12A Drawing and Composition I
(3 units)
- FDM V18A/ART V18A Figure Illustration I
(3 units)
- HEC V16 Flat Pattern Design
(2-3 units)
Merchandising Option:
- FDM V95 or V96 Internship
(3 units)
- BUS V35 or V31, or V38 Business Management
(3 units)
Major requirements for transfer students in this field and related disciplines differ from associate degree; if you plan to transfer, consult your counselor.

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