Physics and Astronomy

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Ventura College provides a fully accredited, state-of-the art program in Physics. The Physics Program is housed in the Math/Science Complex completed and opened for classes Fall 1997. The Physics Department is equipped with the latest instructional laboratory equipment available including 18 Pentium PCs equipped with computational software interfaced with a wide variety of high technology equipment to provide an exciting, laboratory learning environment for students.  Students from the Physics Program have successfully transferred to major 4-year universities such as UCSB, UCLA, USC, Cal State Channel Islands, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Caltech.

The Physics program consists of

Physics 1 and 1 Lab providing a general introductory course for all majors requiring an orientation to physics;

Physics 2A/2ALab, 2B/2BLab, 3A/3ALab and 3B/3BLab, intended for students preparing for careers in medicine, health science, and general non-engineering majors. Physics 2 is algebra-based while Physics 3 is calculus-based.

Physics 4/4Lab, 5/5Lab, and 6/6Lab providing engineering and physics majors with a full sequence in undergraduate mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, heat, and modern physics. 

Physical Science for Non-Science Majors is a non-mathematical, suitable for students planning for careers in teaching.

In addition, Ventura College provides an introductory course in Astronomy open to all majors.

The Physics and Astronomy full-time faculty include:

Dr. Steve Quon, Chair (805-654-6400 X1240),

Mr. David Doreo (805-654-6400 X1339),

Mr. Jim Mayer, Technical Support (805-654-6400 x3249),


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