Rashid Sani

 Ventura College,

Ventura, CA




Instructions for homework

Most important item for home work is readability. You need to show your understanding of the material as clearly as possible. Homework should be done so that it is easy to follow. 

Following steps are suggested

1. Write the assignment at the top

2. For each problem, write the number in the margin. Makes it easy to follow work

3. Work top down. Do each problem so that each new step is on a new line. Also the next problem should be below following the top down procedure.

4. Write clearly showing as much detail as necessary for another person to follow your efforts. 

5. Work can be done on the right half of the page or on the backside. Make sure it is readable

6. Staple or use a paper clip to hold your work together. Do not bend corners.

7. Submit homework when due.