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Scott Corbett

I chose to refer to myself as a Learning Partner as that more adequately expresses the roles I seek to embrace here at Ventura College. I want to learn, facilitate learning, assist and promote learning in all of my endeavours here at the college -- the classroom, my interaction with students and my collegial relationships. I seek to be a partner -- an equally seeking soul -- in all my relationships because there is always something to be learned from everyone and every situation and hopefully there is something I can contribute to the learning processes of others.

You can contact me at Scorbett@vcccd.edu or pscorbett@yahoo.com

(805) 654-6400 ext 1392

This semester, Fall 2010, I am teaching History 7A(Internet), History 1A, (Internet) History 18A and 18B, and History 17. The two Internet classes (History 7A and 1A) have their own complete course sites and all the information and learning activities associated with those classes are self contained at those sites. The rest of my classes, History 17, 18A and 18B have sites at "My Courses" in the MyVCCCD portal. I post all the lecture notes and other pertinent material to and four these courses at the "My courses" tab now available through MyVCCCD. So if you are looking something for those courses, go to MyVCCCD and log in. Then click on "My courses" in the upper right hand quadrant. All the classes that your are enrolled in will have its own "site" and you can just click ont he appropriate course.

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The Right to Food Is a Basic Human Right

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Here's an interesting article on competency.