Check the Ventura College home page for:

Schedule of classes, start dates, and enrollment information

You should attend a Canvas one-hour orientation on campus or online. This is a new system being used by the college. It is considerably different from D2L. Be sure and go through the troubleshooting link on the Distance Ed page.

You usually have access to my class pages beginning a few days before the on-campus courses begin. All of my courses are taught using Canvas.

Write down the CRN for the course you want to take.

In order to avoid being dropped as a "no show", students must pass the online orientation quiz for my course by the deadline listed on the home page of the course. It is at the end of the FIRST WEEK of the semester. If you did not attend an on-campus course the first week of the semester, you would be dropped. The same rule applies to online courses.

Students on the wait list will be moved into the course in place of students who do not attend within three days (they will be dropped). Students on the wait list have FULL access to online courses. Read everything and take the orientation quizzes!

REGISTER EARLY! Classes are cancelled the week before the Semester starts!

Online courses offer you a great deal of flexibility; however, they also require good time management skills. You must actively participate in the course which means logging in AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. This is a State accreditation requirement. Attendance is just as important as completing the assignments. You must attend AND complete the work in order to remain in the course.

Missed attendance due to late registration is counted toward the total number of absences.

If you are motivated and disciplined, online courses are a perfect match for you. Computers are available in the LRC. To complete the course, you must have a reliable Internet source and computer. You should have basic computer skills: know how to email, upload a file, etc. You will have homework and tests due the second week.

No late work will be accepted. No exceptions. However, you may submit work early. Regardless of late enrollment, all work must be completed by the deadlines.

If you need to contact me, use my Ventura College email address