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Steve Palladino

(Living for the month of July on the organic farm in South Surrey, British Colombia, Canada, Summer 2013)

Class Schedule and Office Hours   Geography/GIS at VC

I am one of three full-tme faculty teaching the "Geo" courses at Ventura. The other faculty members are Philip Clinton and Chloe Branciforte. A number of part-time faculty, also help teach the courses in Geography/Geology/GIS. I currently teach Physical Geography, World Regional Geography and the Geographic Information Systems courses. I also teach our Introduction to Environmental Science course (ESRM V02)

This is my twenty-first year at Ventura college. Besides teaching geography and serving at the Geosciences Department Chair (in the past), I give oversight to our GIS program and our Environmental Science program. I also am the co-chair of our campus facilities committee (FOG). This committee has been actively involved in all the new buildings on campus and deals with all the campus facility issues that come up.

In the Spring Semester of 2006 I was able to take a 4-month sabbatical in New Zealand. I was a sabbatical visitor at the University of Auckland (at the time the unit I was in was called the School of Geography and Environmental Science.) I was able to repeat this sabbatical experience in Spring 2015. I again was a visting educator at the Unversity of Auckland (in the renamed School of Environment.) This 2nd visit of 5-months was also an excellent opportunity to grow in my career.

All through the 1990s, I taught or helped teach a number of different courses at Santa Barbara City College and UCSB.  These included: Cultural Geography, Economic Geography, Physical Geography, Physical Geography Lab, Environmental Studies: The Physical Earth; Solar Energy and the Environment, Introduction to Mapping and GIS, and GIS: Software Applications.

I worked for the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) from 1991-1999 primarily as the Education Projects Manager.

In the late 80's I taught High School math (Pre-Algebra through Calculus)

paper and ink graphicEducation
B.A. Environmental Studies and Geography, UCSB, 1985
Teaching Credential, UCSB, 1986 (taught for 4 years at Mayfair High School in Lakewood, CA)
M.A. Geography , UCSB, 1994
Post-Graduate work, NCGIA, UCSB, 1994-1999

My office is in the Science Building (SCI 123) in the southeast portion of campus (map)

Physical Geography (Geog 1) 70534 MW 11:30-12:45 ASC 140 Physical Geography (Geog 1) 70534 MW 11:30-12:45 ASC 140 Physical Geography (Geog 1) 70534 MW 11:30-12:45 ASC 140
My Class Schedule Fall 2018
Course  Section  Days  Times  Room 
Physical Geography (Geog 1) 70531 MW  10:00-11:15  ASC 140
Physical Geography (Geog 1) 70534 MW 11:30-12:45 ASC 140
Physical Geography (Geog 1) 72060 TTh 11:30-12:45 ASC 140
Introduction to Environmental Science (ESRM 2) 72614 TTh 1:00-2:15  SCI 106
Fundamentals of Mapping and GIS (Geog/GIS 22) 70545/72778 MW 7:00-8:45  SCI 106
Office Hours Fall 2018
Days  Times  Room 
M/W 1-2pm SCI 123*
M/W 6-7pm SCI 123*
Tues 10:30-11:30 SCI 123*

* If I am not in my office, look for me in our workroom, SCI 120 (knock), or one of our classrooms (ASC 140, SCI 106, SCI 113, SCI 119).

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Phone: 805-289-6288

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