Geog 22
Fundamentals of Mapping and GIS

Exercise # 2

Mapping and GIS Web Site Exploration

Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper. Write your name and Exercise #2 in the upper right hand corner.

1. Visit each of the Key Site links you will find listed below these questions. Describe what you find and the resources in each site (ie, what does the site offer in terms of information, software, data, services, etc.)? Be specific (in other words drill down and explore.) Treat NCGIA and Spatial@UCSB as one exploration.

2. Visit four other sites in my list (one site from the first and third category and two from the 2nd category below.)  Again describe each site in some detail (paragraph or two?). Be sure to get well beyond the homepage!

Note: Some of these are old links, if you find one that isn't current please make a note of it on your sheet and put "Broken Links" next to it.

3. Find TWO additional mapping and GIS related Web resources. You may want to explore areas of GIS application that relate to your work, school subjects, or passions. Use links from the home pages listed here or use your Web Browser to find more information (see section 3 below).

That's it. Have fun. STEVE

1. Key Sites (4 sites)

A. The GeoCommunity (GIS news, information, and resources)

B. ESRI - Home of The GIS People (Key GIS Software Company)

C. USGS-Home Page (United States Geologic Survey Site - Earth Data)

D. NCGIA (National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis) & Spatial@UCSB (NCGIA successor)

2. GIS World Wide Web Resources

GIS Information (1 site)

Information and links to other sites
GeoPlace (was GeoWorld).
Directions Magazine
GIS Lounge
GIS Jobs
GeoSearch, Inc.
State of California GIS Specialist Job Description
GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

GIS Industry (2 sites)

GIS Organizations, Programs, and Applications
National Geographic Online
CGIA (California Geographic Infomation Association)
CIRGIS Colloborative (Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative)
URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association)
NSGIC (National States Geographic Information Council)
Nova Scotia Community College - professional Geospatial (Geomatics) programs
USC Online Masters in GIS
Penn State Online GIS Masters
ESRI: University Program
ESRI Schools & Libraries Program
ESRI Canada Schools and Libraries Program
Federal Geographic Data Committee
Certifiying GIS Professionals(GISP)
Ventura County GIS
My Wonderful World (National Geographic's and other organizations attempt to spread geographic knowledge)
GIS Software
MapInfo WWW Site
ESRI - Home of The GIS People
Intergraph GeoMedia
Autodesk Map 3D
Caliper (Maptitude)
ERDAS (Image processing with links to GIS)
GE Utility GIS
Tactician (Business Mapping)
Manifold Mapping/GIS
TrueFlight 3D flythrough software

GIS Data
Terra Server (Imagery Data) [Note the search function]
CERES California Geographic Data Library
EROS Data Center (USGS Earth Resources Observation Systems)
US Census Bureau
Downloadable Topo Quads at USGS
GeoData Institute WWW Home Page
National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
USGS Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
CERES (California Data Links)
EPA Spatial Data Downloads
Intermap (Elevation data and imagery)
LA County Data
USGS Topo Quads and other GIS Data for free

Web-Based GIS
Interactive California GIS Maps
Interactive GIS Maps of US Wildfires
ArcGIS Online web maps

Mapping (1 site)

USGS National Map
National Geographic Map Machine
Rare Map Collection - Reconstruction and Expansion
Rand McNally Home Page
DeLorme Mapping
Google Maps
Google Earth
Yahoo! Maps
Microsoft Virtual Earth
Outline Maps Online
Digital Atlas of the United States (and California)
World Maps

3. Mapping and GIS resource Web Search

Use search engines like Google and Yahoo to find TWO new GIS-related sites. Keep looking until you find two interesting and useful sites (you can follow up on one of the links in the pages listed above.) Don't forget to give me the URL and a detailed description of the sites. (2 sites)